Do you have a home repair project that needs more know-how or time than you have to complete?  Or some home improvement need and you’re just not sure where to start.  Maybe you’re looking for more affordable home improvement solutions when you decide it’s time for some updates. 

Kitson Home Improvement and Repair can get those projects done quickly and more economically than you thought possible.

Getting ready to sell or move into a new home? Kids grown and it’s time to fix the dings? Have that odd job that is one step beyond what you are comfortable tackling? I can help!

Carpentry expertise from crown to base and in between. I am an expert in finish carpentry. Let me install or repair crown, shoe or base molding, chair rail or door frames.

From light fixtures and fans to faucets and toilets.

From nicks and dings, to holes or even punching through to create a whole new space.